Friday, March 22, 2013

Amazing Aunty

I recently attended the funeral for my Aunty (Cynthia Collier) and discovered (after being out of contact for approx 25 years) that she was a pretty amazing lady.
One of the things that stood out for me was that for almost all of her adult life she was an active member of 'Rural Women NZ'. During the funeral service a lady representing RWNZ read out their creed which is said at the beginning of every meeting.
The comment was made that my aunty lived up to this creed.
Here it is.

Keep us, O God, from pettiness;
Let us be large in thought, in word, and deed.
Let us be done with fault finding and leave off self-seeking.
May we put away pretence and meet each other face to face without
self pity and without prejudice.
May we never be hasty in judgement and always generous.
Let us take time for all things; make us grow calm, serene, gentle.
Teach us to put into action our better impulses, straightforward and
Grant that we may realise it is the little things that create differences;
that in the big things of life we are one.
And may we strive to touch and to know the great human heart common
to us all, and O Lord, let us not forget to be kind.

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