Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Quote of the Year

The 2016 US elections caused a lot division in all circles of society including the Christian Church. The US was, obviously, the hardest hit but even here in New Zealand I could feel my blood pressure rising with some of the things being said by prominent Christians and who was siding with who.
I had to constantly remind myself that following Jesus and living his way is above politics.
By that I don't mean that Christians should be bubble-wrapped or avoid political involvement and discussion. But, in whatever way we do participate, we need to reflect Jesus in everything we say, think and do. We have to show love, compassion, respect, kindness and all the fruit of the Spirit even to those who may angrily oppose us.

Love your neighbour as yourself.

My choice of quote of the year for 2016 reflects my thinking on what the Christian attitude towards politics should be.
Be involved if you feel the calling but don't try and make Christianity a party policy. And don't try and make your party a new Christian denomination.

Drum roll please.....

My 2016 Quote of the Year goes to Shane Claiborne at the Red Letter Christians website.
This quote comes from an article titled 'A new home for homeless Christians'.

The Quote...

'Trying to mix Christianity with a political party can be sort of like mixing ice cream with horse manure. It might not harm the manure, but it sure messes up the ice cream.'

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