Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Blog Post of the Year

This is awarded to the best blog post I've read anywhere on the internet this year.

The true Christian faith is so contrary to the ways of the world we live in today. I say 'true' because some of what is portrayed as Christian today has been so tainted with political and business ideology that if it wasn't for a cross or stain glass window on the building you may not be sure what you're looking at.

The radical nature of true Christianity and following the ways of Jesus stands in stark contrast to some of the stands taken by prominent Christians around the world in 2016.

The Christmas story was, and is, the start of what true radical Christianity looks like. Things that the world despise are all prominent in the Christmas story. Things like weakness, humility and equality.

My 2016 blog post of the year brings out the radical nature of the Christmas story much better than I can.
It's written by Joe Kay on his blog site, Living Gracefully. The post is called 'The subversive manger scene'.

I encourage you to read the post here.

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