Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Advice to Mr Key & Mr Goff

The Superbowl has been and gone for another year in the States but here in New Zealand there's two Superbowls this year. One happens to be a little sports event called the Rugby World Cup and the other is the General election. It is very debatable as to which is the more important event for New Zealand.

My knowledge of Rugby is limited to yelling at the TV when the ref makes bad call against the team I'm supporting.

My knowledge of politics isn't much better. I don't recall yelling at the TV when the anti-smacking bill was passed, but if I had it would have been drowned out by the shouts of joy from my kids.

If the All Blacks loose the World Cup I don't want to be blamed for having given Mr Henry any advice so I'll give our politicians some free advice instead...

To give both the major parties a fighting chance here's a little free advice for Mr Key and Mr Goff.

Firstly, both parties have policies that are too similar. If you showed the average Joe Bloggs the major policies of each party, he wouldn't be able to tell which was National and which was Labour.
(In hindsight, since coming to power in 2008 National have been more faithful to their founding core philosophies than Labour was in their nine years in office.)

Mr Goff, you need to get your party back on the left wing. If you don't someone will steal a lot of your support if a new left wing party is formed in this country.
New Zealand is fast developing a very fertile climate for a major left wing socialist party simply because the rich are getting richer and the poor are stuffed.

Mr Key, you will win this years election but it won't be because of your parties policies. It's simply because you have a charismatic personality that can't be matched by anyone in the Labour Party.
For your policies to win voters over their has to be a significant injection of income into the pockets of middle and lower class New Zealand. How you do this is up to you but there has never been a better time for a New Zealand Government to radically revamp this countries financial policies. We've led the world before with policies that benefited all New Zealanders so why can't we do it again?

It amazes me that politicians are forever talking about the importance of 'saving for your future'. HELLO! How can people save money when they're useing their credit card to make ends meet. I'm not just talking about people on benefits. I'm talking about working New Zealanders who have no choice but to keep on going until the bank or finance company pulls the plug.

At this stage, I'm not loyal to any particular party and I've written this without prejudice toward any party. My honest advice to all parties is to listen to the people. If social support agencies are saying people are struggling to afford basic necessities such as milk, don't bury your head in statistics. Get out on the streets and see for yourself.

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