Saturday, February 19, 2011

Growing Division

In my last post I mentioned the price of milk and that was before Campbell-Live jumped on the bandwagon.
I'm pleased to see that some NZ media are starting to take notice of serious social issues. As John Campbell referred to the other night, it's not just the price of milk that is way out of line but New Zealands other primary industry, Beef and Lamb, also appears to be 'creaming it' at the expense of many New Zealanders financial and physical well-being.
Mr Keys comments about people on benefits over the past week won't win him any votes but what is more alarming is the number of New Zealanders that agree with him. The comments I've read from supporters of Mr Keys comments show a growing division between the 'haves' and the 'have nots' and it's not just a financial division any more. I sense that there is a growing lack of tolerance and understanding toward the under-priviledged and poor in New Zealand. Too many people are being labelled 'lazy' if they recieve a benefit. May be its the people doing the labelling who should be called lazy. Obviously, they haven't bothered to talk to the social agencies who run food-banks and listen to the people on the front line who are stretched to the limit trying to provide enough food parcels for those who desparately need them.

New Zealand has a long tradition of being a country that helps their fellow countryman when help is needed, no questions asked. That should be our policy toward those on benefits, just help them, no questions asked.

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